C.A.L. (My about page.)

Hey, what's up guys? So, this is like, my about page, I'll throw in some of my basic stuff, and then there's always the chance you might find out more about me as you read my posts. So my name (or, better yet; what ya'll are gonna call me) is Cal. It isn't my real name, but it is close enough. I don't care how you spell it either, but most of the time you will see it like this: C.A.L.. Anyway, I'm thirteen, I'm a writer, and if you haven't been following along close enough, I'll remind you that this blog is kinda like updates on what I'm writing and how everything's going. Some things I post may not have anything to do with writing, and a lot of it might just be stuff that I think is funny, but when that happens just remember it's my problem to worry about - not yours.